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Sound Engineer

Sound Engineer

About Me

I am Magnus Kiemer – a Scottish/German Guitarist and Sound Engineer and Producer.

My own band Arc Arrival to other such as Dougie Blackwood’s solo project and many others that did not get released to the public.

Studying Sound production, and getting my degree to be a Sound Engineer was a turning point in my life. Putting it to good use with many bands and projects is a joy regardless of genre.

Although this is a hobby which I am truly passionate about. I take great pride in my work as an engineer and as a musician myself. I will always try to create the perfect soundscape for listening for anyone and everyone listening and I believe I can do that.

Sound Engineer
Magnus Kiemer is a haven for his musical knowledge and for his execution in his field of music, be it on-stage or behind a mixing desk, you know what you will get is a quality sound and smiles all around. - Marc "Dougie Blackwood" McGuire, Arc Arrival
Sound Engineer

Legendary Pickups

These pickups have Mag enamoured and he has been hell bent on using Legendary Pickups ever since he acquired his first set of Zeus model.

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