Magnus Kiemer Productions


Below is my Portfolio of the projects and bands I have worked on previously. I have worked on many other tracks and such however sometimes like al things they don’t come to light. Usually due to the band splitting up or they want to take it in a different direction. However I am still proud of all the tracks that I make. Truly I believe that no matter the genre that I can provide with many good experiences with music.

If you need a song or songs mixed or mastered and even down to Foley pieces. I am always happy to do what I can to help you bring the vision that is your song to life. I can also play on your tracks as well if you so require, if it is just a feature or if you need help to create the song that you want to make. These things, however not on my website, can be approached by a message on my Facebook page, I feel as if it creates an intimacy between us as partners in a marriage of trust to create the greates music we can.

Dougie Blackwood – Bones, Single – 2022 – Metal

Arc Arrival – Amethyst, EP – 2022 – Metal

Arc Arrival – Engineered To Die, Double Single – 2021 – Metal

Dougie Blackwood – For Me, A memoir, EP – 2021 – Metal

Arc Arrival – C.H.A.O.S, EP – 2020 – Metal