Magnus Kiemer Productions

Pricing List

Below you can see my list for pricing both in mixing and mastering.

Times may vary for each song but I can accommodate to an extent with when and how you want it done. After all we will be partners in creating a sure-fire soundscape to make your fans fall in love with music over and over again. I will always make sure you are given the greatest of attention and pride with your tracks and your songs will be the best I believe that they can be. 

For Foley pieces or for a feature you will have to ask me about prices directly on Facebook as this may vary depending on how long it will take and how many tracks you want to create the epic sounds.

For help with writing songs or for ghost writing again will vary depending on how long it will take, how many songs and how many instruments you wish to have on the songs as well.


This contains:

Fully mixed multi-track(s) ready for mastering,

 The option to then master if so required.



Fully recorded multi-tracks.


Price per track (may vary): £60



This contains:

Fully mastered tracks ready for release.




Fully mixed track(s).


Price per track (may Vary): £60

If You need any more information or wish to hire my services please contact my Facebook page below: